Is it good to love and bad to hate?  Not necessarily.  Loving other people is commendable.  Loving what is right is noble.  To love what is sinful is evil.  To hate people is detestable, and to hate what just and fair is terrible.  But hate is not all bad.  God tells us to hate – encourages us to loathe.

Let’s get our perspective right.  God wants to transform our lives.  As the caterpillar is transformed to be a butterfly, God wants to bring radical positive change about in us.  He tells us not to conform to the world, but to be different.  Romans 12 hands us a key to the process:  Love and hate are an important powers for those who want to be transformed. 

Abhor what is evil (King James Version).  Hate what is wrong. – New Living Translation.

It is easy to hate what other people do wrong, but that would not help us much.  We become pliable to be transformed by God when we passionately hate the effect that evil gets on us, and how easily it sweeps us along.  Evil can be so very subtle.  But poison in a lovely cake is much more dangerous than poison in witch’s cauldron.  O, may we passionately hate even the most subtle manifestations of evil in our own lives.  May we learn to bring it to the cross as soon as detected.  May we be transformed.