To love is to spend time with…, to make time to be alone with …

Life shaping things happen when people are alone with God. Look at the record:

Jacob was alone when he crossed the Jabbok and spent the night wrestling with the angel of the Lord.

Moses was alone when the Lord revealed Himself through the burning bush, giving an old man a fresh vision for life and a great work to accomplish.

Joshua was alone when he met a warrior angel prior to the attack on Jericho.

Manoah’s wife was alone in the field when the angel of the Lord appeared to her and gave her news about the baby she was to bear – a boy named Samson.

Isaiah was alone when he received his commission form the Lord, saw the Lord high and lifted up, and tasted the burning coals of holiness on his tongue.

Elisha was alone when the mantle of the prophet fell across his shoulders.

Paul was alone in the Arabian Desert when the Lord gave him personal instructions about preaching the Word.

Mary was alone when the angel brought her the message that she would give birth to the Saviour.

John was alone – exiled – on the island of Patmos when he received his matchless revelation of things to come.

If you need a Word from the Lord – direction, help, hope – set aside time to be alone with Him. Expect Him to speak to you. Guidance and real fellowship only come in those times of real solitude, in an hour when you say to the Lord, “I need You”.

If you want to grow in your love for Him, or really get to know Him – make time to be alone with Him.

(Adapted from A Lifetime of Wisdom)