Abortion Law Change


Mr Peter Abetz (previous CRCA minster, now WA MP) said to a 750-strong rally at W.A. Parliament House: “The laws are at odds with our idea of protecting children. We go to so much trouble to protect children from passive smoke and safety seats in cars. This shows that we believe it's really important to look after our children and keep them safe - yet with unborn children, one in five is aborted. The womb is most dangerous place for children to be in this State”.


Laws are considered where an unborn child is injured in a car accident actually has legal status… the silly thing is if a child is injured in an accident, it can claim damages but if a mother says it's inconvenient and has the baby killed, the law says that's perfectly okay."We really have to get our thinking logically in line. It's way out of kilter."


More than 500 babies in WA had been aborted after 20 weeks, including at least eight which survived the procedure but were denied medical treatment.


Mr Abetz suggests that women seeking an abortion should be shown an ultrasound of the foetus before being allowed to go ahead with the procedure. "In some states of the United States, they've brought in a law that women have to be given an ultrasound and the result is 70 per cent of the women who intended having an abortion don't go through with it," he said.


"A lot of women feel pressured into having an abortion and I think we really need to change that whole attitude." Mr Abetz said the "tide was turning" and there was now less support for abortion among the younger generation.

(Extract: The West Australian May 23, 2012)