Why "Reformed"

There is a good reason for the word Reformed in the name of our church:  It is in one word, a summary of the message of the Bible. The story of humanity could be written under three headings:

Formed;  Deformed;  Reformed

When God originally FORMED  the world, everything was very good.  The brokenness and evil that we see around us today, the corruption we see on the news and in the newspapers – wasn’t part of it.  If we look around us today, things in the world are DEFORMED and out of shape.  It is hurting and painful.  God’s beautiful world is broken.

This broken world desperately needs to return to goodness.  It needs to be restored to its original beauty and wholeness.  So many individual lives are like lumps of clay that went all wrong on the potter’s wheel.  Many of us realise that we need to be re-shaped and REFORMED by the Heavenly Potter’s Hand.

When left to themselves, churches normally become stale with the passing of years, or they become a demonstration of human professionalism and management skills.  Neither is what we need.  We need the Heavenly Potter Himself, to re-shape and REFORM His church.

Not only individual people and churches, but the whole world – this warped, spinning bundle of clay – desperately calls out for the loving, re-shaping, re-forming touch of its Maker’s hand.

We have the word “Reformed” in the name of our church to remind ourselves and all around us that:

  • Each one of us needs to be reformed by God

  • Our church (like all others) is so far from perfect, and needs to be reformed by God

  • The whole world cries out to be reformed

We call ourselves Christian Reformed, because it is only in Christ, that we find the re-formation we desperately need.

God is not finished with us yet. We are reformed, and at the same time we are still being reformed to become, more and more, who He designed us to be!

And that is the message of the Bible in a nutshell. So, the name Christian Reformed really only says that we sincerely want to be Biblical.