What We Believe



We believe it is more than coincidence – you and me, nature around us, people, plants and planets. We believe God planned, God spoke, and God created the universe.


In the world around us we see beauty, order and harmony, but we also see destruction and chaos. Much of the chaos and brokenness in the world is, unfortunately, the result of human activity. People can do foolish things – and this foolishness is totally unrelated to brainpower.  Highly intelligent people are as likely as the rest of us to mess things up in their personal lives. Humans are complicated: There are, on the one hand, admirable things we can say about people – about their creativity, their abilities and their love – but there is also, deep down in the human heart, something awfully dark, selfish and ugly. It is often hidden behind layers of niceties, but when this darkness in people shows itself, things can sometimes get really frightening.
 But God …


God is love. He created things beautifully and to be in harmony.  He sustains what is good, whole and harmonious – and God finds joy in fixing what is broken. God wants to fix even this darkness inside us.  When people call on God from the bottom of their hearts, He does some of this restoration in big chunks, and other aspects of it as part of a lifelong process.


Jesus Christ was born and lived in the Middle East about two thousand years ago, and he died the death of a martyr on a hill outside Jerusalem. In doing so, Jesus dealt with the darkness in human hearts in a more powerful way than all other attempts to deal with that darkness combined.  We believe Jesus was more than a moral man; more than a great teacher.  We believe that the Mighty One who created the universe and holds it in His hands, did something so unimaginable and incomprehensible that it is daunting just to whisper these words:  He, the Mighty, emptied Himself of His majesty and revealed Himself in human form, to deal with humanity’s darkest problem.

Holy Spirit

God is here.  The core of our being is exposed to Him.  He calls us to Him. He cleans up our lives when we yield to His call. He guides, comforts, encourages, teaches and empowers all who belong to God.


It’s more than a human book. We believe God gave these words and He still powerfully uses them.  The Bible can be dull, boring, uninspiring and confusing when we read it on our own.  This radically changes when God’s Spirit gets involved. When God opens up the Bible to us, it tastes like honey; it is a fire, a hammer, a sword. It cuts us to the heart; it reveals the darkness in souls. It brings deep remorse.  It inspires, comforts, brings peace and love – deeper than we ever thought possible.


Church is important.  Church is not a building.  It’s not an institution.  Church is family. It is community.  Church is people who belong to God and to one another.  Belonging to a church does not mean that you are perfect.  The opposite is true.  We belong because we know how much we need God, and how much we need one another.